About us

Institute of Earth Sciences

The Institute of Earth Sciences (ICT)

was established in 2014 through the merger of three existing research centers at the universities of Évora, Minho, and Porto. .

As it enters its second decade, ICT continues to evolve, leveraging past experiences to propel itself forward within both the international and national geoscientific communities.

ICT's core mission revolves around the pursuit of knowledge in geosciences, aiming to deepen the understanding of Earth's processes, environment, and resources.

This commitment extends to fostering a resilient and sustainable future for both humanity and ecosystems worldwide.    Short ICT video

ICT’s Mission

To advance the frontiers of geosciences knowledge, fostering a deeper understanding of Earth's processes, its environment, and its resources, in order to contribute to a resilient and sustainable future for all humans and ecosystems.

Looking ahead to the 2025-2029 period, ICT aims to enhance its effectiveness and impact in addressing societal needs. Four primary objectives have been outlined:

  • i) Cutting-edge research;

  • ii) International collaboration;

  • iiii) Capacity building and training;

  • iv) Publication and dissemination.